Who are we?

NoseOption AB, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, is a world leading supplier of nasal filters against bad odor and harmful airborne particles such as pollen, smog and bacteria.

Our history

Bad smell has been a problem for a long time with a negative affect on people daily. The founders of NoseOption decided to find a solution to the problem in 2011. The aim was to develop products that in a discreet and respectful way block/reduce bad smell. The result was NOSA odor protection, the first discreet odor protection in the world with a unique patented product that today is used by medical carers, police and other businesses in Europe, North America and Asia.

In 2020 the product assortment is expanded with two new consumer products; NOSA allergy filter and NOSA smog filter that efficiently filters harmful airborne particles. The products will be available on pharmacies in Europe in 2020 and in the US and Asia in 2021.

Our vision

To create a better breathing experience for everyone.

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