Who are we?

NoseOption AB is a MedTech company manufacturing and selling nasal breathing devices. With a vision to create a better breathing experience for everyone, NoseOption offers a unique portfolio of nasal devices that filters out odor, allergens, smog, viruses and bacteria in the air we breathe.

Our history

NOSA’s journey started with an idea of the Swedish nurse Susanna who had been struggling with bad odor in her work. The idea was to improve the healthcare working environment by developing an effective nose protection that in a discreet and considerate manner makes breathing in smelly environments easier.

Several years of product development resulted in the launch of NOSA plugs – the first discreet odor protection in the world, which were launched in 2016. NOSA plugs is a unique patented product which is used by healthcare professionals, police, ambulance, fire fighters and many others across Europe & North America.

In 2020 the product assortment was expanded with two new consumer products: NOSA allergy filter & NOSA smog filter. The unique nose filters catches and filters harmful particles in the air inhaled of size PM 10 and PM 2.5. NOSA allergy filter filters airborne allergens such as pollen, pet dander, dust and mold and NOSA smog filter filters smog, smoke and fine dust. Both products are available in pharmacies within Europe.

Since virus and bacteria can spread and infect through the nasal mucosa and upper respiratory tract, we have been working on a nasal device that can reduce virus and bacteria in the air inhaled through the nose. When the covid-19 pandemic hit us all in 2020, the product idea became even more relevant and the working pace increased until 2021 when we released NOSA microbial control – a nasal device that reduces virus and bacteria in the air inhaled through the nose.

NOSA microbial control has been tested carefully in labs, where the results show that the device can reduce up to 93% of virus and 99% of bacteria when in contact with the device. NOSA microbial control is a medical device class 1 and has also been clinically evaluated. The device is used within healthcare but also by private consumers in situations were they risk close contact with others, such as public transport, grocery stores or events. NOSA microbial control is available in Europe.

Our vision

To create a better breathing experience for everyone

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