Cities with smog and poor air quality are negatively affected during times with hot temperatures. This is due to the air being “cooked” with the heat from the sun together with the chemical compounds and particles in the air. This creates a chemical soup that together with the nitrogen oxide emissions in the air, causes a smog of ozone gas at ground level.

Not only does this aggravate breathing for people with respiratory difficulties or heart problems, but it also increases the sensitiveness for respiratory infections for healthy people.

Urban cities are the worst

Urban areas emit a lot of pollution from traffic and burning of fossil fuels and is therefore the most susceptible for smog. Geographic locations such as valleys are also a big contributing factor in this case. The mountain ranges tend to trap smog in which makes the air quality worse. This affects the quality of life for the people working or playing outside on a hot day.

EPA (the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) recommend people living in areas plagued by smog to avoid outdoor activities during heat waves.

NOSA recommends using NOSA smog filter during heat waves to decrease the amount of polluted air that you breathe in.


smog in hot cities

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