Where can I buy NOSA plugs?

NOSA plugs are sold via selected distributors, you’ll find them here.

For how long can I use NOSA plugs?
The product can be used up to 8 hours and is a disposable product. Please remove the product if you experience discomfort or irritation.
What does NOSA plugs contain?

NOSA odor protection contains TPE and menthol. The product is free from allergens and harmful substances such as PVC, phalater and latex.

How long does NOSA plugs last when not used?
An intact package lasts up to 24 months from production. A broken package lasts up to 8 hours.
Is there an age limit?
Not suitable for children under 12 years.
How does NOSA plugs work?
The product has a unique patented design that enables the air that you breathe in to pass in a spiral, reducing the smell and giving a fresh menthol fragrance.
Are there any disadvantages to inhale a menthol fragrance often?
The menthol fragrance is free from allergens and does not contain any harmful substances so there is no harm in inhaling it.
Does NOSA plugs it stop/hinders airborne infections?

NOSA plugs is the first discreet odor protection against bad smell and cold. The menthol fragrance and the product design enable the inhaled air to be fresh without affecting the breathing capacity. But it doesn’t hinders/protects against bacteria.

How do I wear NOSA plugs with a face mask?
  1. Put NOSA in your nose and adjust until it feels comfortable
  2. Put on the face mask according to its instructions.
  3. If leakage occurs adjust face mask and make sure that it seals tight
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