NOSA allergy filter, a new natural protection for all pollen allergy sufferers.

Every day people inhale harmful airborne particles that affects their general condition negatively. People who are allergic often suffers quietly during the year in lack of effective protection. NOSA allergy filter is a new, innovative solution to these problems without any side effects.

About 40% of the world’s population today are allergic to some type of airborne particle & we are now entering the pollen season which causes large parts of the population to have runny nose, itchy eyes and problems with the respiratory. The proportion of pollen allergy sufferers has increased over the past 20 years due to global warming.

NOSA allergy filter is a nose filter that captures harmful airborne particles before they reach the mucous membranes and can therefore reduce allergic problems. The patented design enables a high degree of filtration and is at the same time easy to breathe through. It is simply a natural way to be able to breathe normally as an allergy sufferer, without having to take medication.

“Ever since the company was founded, our vision has been to help people breathe better air. Our nose filter is one of the solutions that we have worked with for several years and that will help large groups of people with allergies, says Adrian Liljefors, CEO of NoseOption AB.”

NOSA allergy filter is a disposable product that can be used up to 8 hours a day and has received a huge positive reception from consumers, allergists and others in the profession.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have started using face masks which is a trend that is expected to continue, and we believe that nose filters have a given part in this development. For many pollen allergy sufferers, it is precisely the mucous membranes in the nose that cause the biggest problems, so we make sure that they can breathe freely, and at the same time stop the harmful particles.

NOSA allergy filter is now available at pharmacies in Sweden, Germany, Austria, & Switzerland