NOSA Allergy Filter – PM10

NOSA allergy filter is a nasal filter that seals tight, is easy to breathe through and efficiently filters harmful airborne particles such as:


Pet dander



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NOSA Allergy Filter

Patented design

Years of product development resulted in a patented design that:

  1. Reduces harmful airborne particles
  2. Seals tight
  3. High-efficiency filter
  4. Comfortable and discreet 
  5. Easy to breathe through


NOSA filter usage
NOSA filter usage
NOSA filter usage
NOSA filter usage

1. Hold the pointy part of the nose filter outwards.

2. Put the nasal filter into your nose until the bracket meets the nasal wall.

3. Make sure that no air leaks through on the edges.

4. The product can be used for up to 8h. Don’t use if irritation occurs. Made from 100% recyclable plastic.

Breathe freely & enjoy everyday life. 

Customer References

Read about what our customers think about NOSA allergy filter

“I easily get massive problems in the spring with itchy eyes and stuffed nose, but with NOSA allergy filter I can live normally without having to take medicine which is fantastic.”

– Axel

“I have now used NOSA allergy filter for two weeks and it works really well. It’s also easy to breathe through which enables me to use it for several hours.”

– Sofia

“I love this smart innovation. The product works really good and is also discreet, I can even use it at work.”

– Ester