McArthur Medical Sales Inc. Announces Partnership with NoseOption for NOSA Plugs.

NOSA Plugs launching in Canada – the first discreet odour protection for healthcare professionals.

Rockton — November 24

Today, McArthur Medical Sales Inc. announced a new partnership with NOSA, as the sole distributor of NOSA Plugs, in Canada.
“We’re proud to be partnering with such an innovative company and distributing a product that will improve the daily work for healthcare professionals across Canada,” said Frank Fiorenza, Business Development and National Sales Manager at McArthur Medical Sales Inc.

NOSA plugs is the world’s first discreet odour protection for professionals. The product was invented by a Swedish nurse who got sick of working in smelly situations within elderly care. NOSA plugs is built on a patented technology that efficiently reduces the unpleasant odour for the end-user. The product is developed to be easy to breathe through while also being discreet.

Unpleasant odour is a widespread work environment problem that affects millions every day, especially within the healthcare sector. More than 2/3 of all nurses experience unpleasant odour as a reoccurring problem in their daily work and a majority of them state that it affects their work performance negatively[1].

Moreover, nurses find situations involving unpleasant odour to trigger a desire to withdraw from the patient. Caregivers often don’t mention the problem in order to protect the patient[2]. This may also reinforce the patient’s feeling of shame.

– NOSA plugs is an established product in all major hospitals in Europe. We are very happy to now be able to help the caregivers also in Canada”, says Adrian Liljefors, CEO of NoseOption AB.

NOSA plugs was launched in 2016 and is available across Europe and North America.

About NOSA NoseOption is a Swedish MedTech company that manufactures and sells nasal devices that enable better breathing. Headquarters are located in Stockholm and Chicago. The Company was established 2011 and is now present in 22 countries.

Positive Customer Impact

Healthcare providers love the product because it is discreet, easy to use, and reduces healthcare-associated odour without interfering with breathing.

“I’m very sensitive to odors and I’ve always felt worried for encounters with patients. When NOSA plugs came into my life, I could pay attention to the most important thing – creating a caring relationship with the patient,” said Michelle, Swedish Nurse. “I used to feel so bad hurrying out of the room, but now I can provide a little extra visit with my patient, which makes such a big difference in their day.”


NOSA plugs is available exclusively through McArthur Medical Sales Inc. Inquiries can be made directly through marketing@mcarthurmedical.com and orders placed at orders@mcarthurmedical.com

For more information, visit: www.mcarthurmedical.com

NOSA plugs Canada


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