Meet NOSA’s Supply Chain Manager – ALEXANDRA

Next up in the team interview serie is Alexandra, NOSA’s Supply Chain Manager. Get to know her more and why she choose to work at NOSA below!


Alexandra NOSA

1. How does a normal day look like for a Supply Chain Manager at NOSA? 

We don’t have normal days at NOSA, every day is different when you work at a start-up. My main focus right now is all the processes around our new product, finding a warehouse-solution in the US and continuous work with forecasting and planning.

2. For how long have you worked at NOSA? 

One year in February 2020.

3. What is the best thing about your job? 

The feeling that we’re supplying products that are needed and are helping people in their life – both at work and at home. We’re at a really exciting time in the company right now with the launch of our new product and all the work around the launch is tough but very rewarding.

4. Why did you choose working for NOSA? 

After 5 years at my previous position as a production planner and a purchaser I was searching for something challenging and fun – and I think that NOSA is the perfect blend of that. Since I am the first Supply Chain Manager at NOSA, there is both a lot of freedom setting up all the important processes and decisions about the Supply Chain for all our markets around the world.

5. What hobbies do you have? 

I compete in showjumping with my horse so most of my time is spent in the stable.