NOSA odor protection

NOSA odor protection is a discreet and refreshing nose plug that efficiently reduces bad odor without affecting your breathing capacity.

The unique design enables the user to breathe normally through the product while at the same time reducing bad smell with a fresh menthol fragrance. The fresh scent of menthol also gives a refreshing feeling when you have a cold.


Bad odor

Bad odor



NOSA plugs
NOSA plugs
NOSA plugs
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NOSA plugs
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NOSA Allergy Filter

Unique design

Years of product development resulted in a patented design that:

  1. Reduces bad smell
  2. Is easy to breathe through
  3. Is discreet and comfortable
  4. Innovative lamella design
  5. Fresh menthol fragrance


  • Put the product in your nose and adjust until it feels comfortable.
  • Make sure that no air leaks through on the edges.
  • The product disposable and can be used up to 8h.
  • Don’t use if irritation or discomfort occurs.
  • After usage, throw the product the plastic recycling.

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NOSA odor protection is available in the US, Canada and UK on Amazon.
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Customer References

Read about what our customers think about NOSA odor protection

“I only promote products that i love very much. This is a product that I use almost every week at work. It helps me stay focused and it keeps my head in the game.”

– Almaz, Law enforcement officer, The Netherlands

“I’m very sensitive to odors and I’ve always felt worried for encounters with patients. When NOSA odor protection came in to my life and I could pay attention to the most important thing, create a caring relation with the patient.”

– Michelle, Nurse, Sweden

“I found them easy to wear, light and comfortable. They really did help and did exactly what they were supposed to do. Yes, I intend to continue to use them when required and have and will recommend them to others.”

– Paula, Police Durham UK