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NOSA plugs

Construction workers have hearing protectors and helmets, fire brigade respirators and protective clothing. Now there is a real protection in the market for us who work in smelly situations.

NOSA plugs is the world’s first odor protection that effectively reduces bad odor without affecting breathing. The unique design allows the user to breathe through the product while reducing odor with a fresh menthol scent.

NOSA plugs is patented in many parts of the world and make everyday life easier for thousands of people.

Available in 50 pack or 100 pack.

Unique design

Years of product development resulted in a patented design that:

  1. Reduces bad smell
  2. Is easy to breathe through
  3. Is discreet and comfortable
  4. Innovative lamella design
  5. Fresh menthol fragrance
NOSA Smell Filter


NOSA plugs can be purchased through several different distributors and distributors. On the map below you will find the distributor that is best for you.

Can’t find your distributor? Email us at info@nosamed.com and we will help you.

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Are you a purchaser?

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Breathe with care